Yoga Freedom Retreat Particpiant Testimonials

“Thank you so much, Michelle, for your grounded, strong energy and willingness to be completely open, heartfelt, and present to all of us.  I was so touched by your ability to not just hold the space for the group but to share yourself and be “in it” with us.  Your retreat was a highlight of my time in Guatemala and I am grateful for you! ” ~ Kathleen P


“Thank you for the amazing weekend! It was so positive and full of good energy. I didn’t even realize how much I needed that in my life. I truly hope I can take what we learned and begin to apply it daily. The gratitude, metta, and peace that I feel even today. Again, thank you for your hard work and your smile!” ~Kelli H.


“Thank you so much for your spiritual leadership. I have been struggling to find balance and this weekend gave me tools that I can use to make this possible. Thank you for this gift.” ~Michele T.


“It was a tonic I sorely needed.  The pace was nice for me as a beginner.  Ash, Michelle and Jessi were putting out exactly the vibe that I respond too: lovely, gracious, calm, thoughtful, playful… Nothing too over-the-top touchy-feely for a Type A person like myself.   I just can’t thank you all enough… I was working myself right out of balance and it was affecting my personal and professional life more and more.  This weekend set me back on the path toward center.  It reminded me how important it is to practice gratitude.” ~Genevieve C.


“This Monday morning after the yoga retreat, instead of waking up groggy or dreading the school week, I woke up with energized, happy and ready to go.  My body feels much stronger after a weekend of exercise, sunshine, nature, good people, healthy food and a sauna.  I really appreciate all the thought and planning that Michelle and Ash put into the yoga retreat.  I thought perhaps this was going to be a weekend with yoga classes, however, there were other surprises included.  I can’t wait for the next retreat.  Thank you.” ~anonymous


“What a wonderful time!  I’m so glad I finally could do one of these.  I especially liked the interactive and spontaneous  nature of the workshops … they really were synergistic!  And the informal and relaxed way you two facilitate things made it fun and accesible regardless of yoga background.” ~Ali D.


“It was a great experience, from the moment I arrived and was greeted with a goody bag full of information and a chocolate bar until I left. I loved the positive energy, humor and connectedness during the retreat. There was a good balance between alone time and scheduled group activities and a lot of food for thought. I would definitely do it again. Very well organized and a beautiful spot, that can’t be beat!” ~anonymous


“Excellent energy, well organized, good blend of personal and group practice, knowledgeable and caring instructors and fun location!” ~Ericka T.


“This weekend exceeded my expectations by FAR.  I really enjoyed learning about Metta and sharing gratitude in the group.  I felt so much positivity coming from the group– and have since seen real efforts from my friends to be grateful.  I too have been more conscious of how grateful I am– and my positive attitude has spread to my husband.  Thank you!” ~Wendy H.


“The retreat was my first ever.. and such amazing experience with great yoginis and breathtaking site makes me want to get into yoga more and more!! so GRACIAS!” ~Carolina M.


“I loved how organized everything was! I could tell that Michelle and Ash spent a lot of time planning and making sure that everyone would have a good experience. I liked that I never felt lost as a beginner- there was lots of explanation and help given!” ~anonymous

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