Thanksgiving in June

Thank you, sun, for rising in the east, warming my skin.

Thank you, lungs, for filling with air, even when I am sleeping soundlessly.

Thank you, eyes, for seeing and blinking and winking.

Thank you, toes, for balancing, for spreading, rooting me into this place.

Thank you, spine, for aligning, for giving me height, for letting me stand here and now.

Thank you, thoughts, for passing by my blue sky mind today.

Thank you, Buddhas, for enlightening humanity one grain of sand at a time.

Thank you, smiling stranger, for breaking my heart open, for whisking me away from my woe, for sharing your sparkle.

Thank you, farmers, for harvesting the fruits of energy and sustenance.

Thank you, Earth, for putting up with all of us for another day.

I am grateful for the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of life. Wisdom is knowing when to bask in the moment, to absorb its gorgeous singularity, to let it be — and when to flip the switch, apply brain power, put on the show that must go on.

When the warped lens of blind aversion or thoughtless attachment wants to peel away the bounty, snap back into holy wholeness with the gentlest remind…

Remember the peculiar paradox. Can you be at a party, engrossed in conversation, absolutely present, giving the person and their story your full attention, your complete compassion?

Relationships are such a teacher, such a mirror. There is always the simplicity of being in this together and complexity of the emotions that that person brings up in us, the lifetimes of patters they help surface.

We move away from conditionality. We move away from lashing out in hurt and vulnerability. We appreciate and let go of the past, with gratitude for every step that brought us here. We drop plans and expectations for the future. Nothing lasts forever. Except this.

Thank you, dear reader, for reading!

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