Ode to Mandy

I met Mandy in sixth grade math class
at Chisholm Trail Middle School
Talented and Gifted we were, and are
That was twenty years ago
I remember her 12th birthday slumber party
Light as a feather stiff as a board
She introduced me to Ani Difranco
She won tickets from a radio station
And took me to my first concert
Wilco at Liberty Lunch on 2nd Street
in freaky, grown-up downtown Austin
We took ill-advised road trips in college
Once we drove nonstop to Miami to take a cruise
Through thunderstorms and exhaustion
Once we got three flat tires in a row on the way to Normal, Illinois
to see our hero Ani
Mandy is statuesque with gorgeous Grecian and Italian features
I forget sometimes how long I’ve known her
As fun as it is to live abroad and meet new people all the time
There is immense value to the comfort of old friends
Mandy and me go way back
Here I sit on her couch in her stylish Victorian in San Francisco
I know we’ll go way forward, despite geographical separation
And for that I am grateful

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