December 5 – Sueño (Dream)

What was your dream come true in 2011? What is your wildest dream for 2012?

Not to sound too Pollyanna, but my life this year was basically a dream come true. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum from the depressed, anxious, unhappy me of 2001 (ten years ago, wow!) and 2005 (“the nervous breakdown”). I am living the dream in many ways. I live abroad. I am fluent in Spanish. I teach yoga in both Spanish and English, to both expats and Guatemalans. I led no less than eight (8!) weekend yoga retreats this year. My practice was more consistent and deep than ever before. I got to travel widely: both within Guatemala and to El Salvador, San Francisco, Austin, New York… Sure, there were hard times and not everything is perfect, but I have a new way of viewing “perfect.”
Practice is perfect.
My wildest dream for 2012 is to find gainful employment as an elementary school teacher (and yoga teacher!) in ASIA. My friends joke that I have narrowed down my search to the gigantic contient of “Asia.” I’m eastward bound and looking to deepen my Buddhist practice, explore a new culture, and save a lot of money in the process. Ultimately, I “plan” to move back to Guatemala to write and teach yoga retreats full-time. Pero, ¿quien sabe? (Who knows?)
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~Walt Disney

3 thoughts on “December 5 – Sueño (Dream)

  1. Love your inspiring story. My dream was to start my own nonprofit yoga-based organization and that is now up and running. A dream come true!

  2. This year was a dream come true for me as I offered my first online class in photography. In 2012, i plan to increase my offerings, including in-person weekend workshops. Mostly I dream that my husband and I embrace his early retirement and that he can blossom in his next stage of life.

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