December 20 – Tapas (Heat)

What stoked your creative fire this year? What did your discipline enable you to achieve and/or create?
Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, called conscience. ~George Washington

5 thoughts on “December 20 – Tapas (Heat)

  1. Much of my inspiration to write this year came from the feedback I received from a few other bloggers and in reading various other blogs. Although I’d like to say that I write for myself, it still feels nice to receive words of encouragement and feedback on my posts. Since I’ve always tried to treat my blog as a sort of ‘journal’, I would continue to write even if I didn’t have any followers…but I cannot deny the sense of creative accomplishment I feel when my words are actually read by others. Perhaps this is the ‘wrong’ form of motivation but for someone who hopes to one day publish an article or two…well, it certainly keeps the embers burning.

    This coming year I plan on participating in a few other writing challenges to help create a habit and encourage creativity. In doing so I also hope to find a supportive community to provide feedback and perhaps direct me on the path to publishing my and/or my father’s writings.

    “But what if your fire is not burning well or, worse, has gone out? Without inner fire, you have no light, no heat, no desire… there’s only one way out – and that’s through the dark woods. You must change your life.” ~ Phil Cousineau

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