Happy 2012 Holidaze!


2012 — what a year!

As part of #reverb11, in December 2011, I chose the word “movement” as my key word for 2012. And it truly has been a huge year of movement in many regards… although I only moved geographically about 200 kilometers, my life feels and flows so much more smoothly and tranquilly than it did a year ago.

My dos mil doce began and will end right here at Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan highlands. After briefly considering relocating to the Eastern hemisphere to teach at an international school in Asia, a few things transpired and inspired me to stay right here in the land of the Maya.

In June, I bid farewell to many dear friends and colleagues as they relocated around the globe for new teaching positions, and I myself relocated from Guat. City to this marvelous lake that I am now thrilled to call home. I forfeited a high salary in favor of high quality of life, and am thankful every day for the beautiful natural surroundings, opportunities to walk through indigenous Mayan villages, and eat fresh frutas and vegetables from the nearby mercado.

The biggest news, of course, is that I’m expecting a baby (any day now!) along with my supportive, loving, Colombian partner, Bladimir. The official due date is Christmas Day, but he or she (we chose not to find out the gender… and I really have no strong intuition one way or the other) may obviously come early or late. I’ve been blessed with an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy and am hoping for the same with the labor and delivery (which we are planning to have at home with a midwife). Find out more on my blog about pending motherhood.

My key words for 2013 are Maternity. Motherhood. Pacha mama. Patience. Presence. and Mindfulness. (For obvious reasons.)
May your 2013 be full of Yoga and Illumination!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2012 Holidaze!

  1. Michelle…
    Lake Atitlan is so beautiful- so is all of Guatemala.

    I loved what you said about choosing “high quality of life.”
    In the end, I think that is what will make us all be healthier, happier and at peace.

    My “key word” for this year would be healing.

    Congratulations on the baby.

    Peace & Namaste…

    P.s. Is there any way to follow your blog via email?

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! Healing is always a great intention. You can click the subscribe button on the right hand column of my blog and get email notifications whenever a new blog is posted. Happy New Year! Namaste, Michelle

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