Cool People I Know: Kat Warman


Kat and I met when we both moved to Guatemala in August 2009 to begin teaching at a private high school in the Central American capital. We worked together often, as for two years I taught a creative writing workshop within her grade 9 English literature course. She witnessed me try to teach mindfulness to a roomful of privileged, rowdy freshmen. 

We bonded early on, on a long weekend trip to the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama within six weeks of arrival. She was also my travel buddy on my first adventurous weekend trip to Lake Atitlan in early 2010… the trip that planted the seed… I could live here!

I’m happy that Kat and I have remained close friends, although in 2011 she left Guatemala, moved to Nicaragua, then Costa Rica and then back to her native British Colombia, Canada.

Kat writes a great blog called Sense and Spirit and she is the author of a new book, Enough! Rewriting Reality through Pieces of Poetry.  

Of my many favorite quotes and passages from her book, I am sharing four here. Excellent work, K. Renae!

Look in and you will discover that you are the author of your own story, not a character in somebody else’s. Look in and you will discover you are more than your storyline. Look in and you will discover you are your own healer. Look in and you will discover there is actually no such thing as disconnect; we are all connected. …

There is a reason, a reason beyond reason, that we are more than scattered souls, soaring spirits, and maneuvering minds. We are materialized in body for a brief moment in time to experience and enjoy the energies of the earth. The light lives in us and through us. The light, above all, is Love.

Essentially, whether we live to write or write to live, whether we be to do or do to be, whether we look in or out for answers, we can stop, just stop, at any given point in our journey and see, hear and feel all that is. All already is and always was, in all ways. Enough is enough. I am enough. I am.

Love is the only thing that makes life, in all its contradictions and uncertainty, worth living. Love, quite literally, is life.

I highly recommend that you read this fabulous yogini and ecopoet’s blog and book!


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