Let’s Get Ready to Reverb! #reverb13

Let’s Get Ready to Reverb!


Reverb is a means of reflection on the year that has passed and looking forward to the coming year. It provides us with an opportunity to celebrate life and mourn losses together.

Every day during December, I’ll post a writing prompt in the form of a question. You can answer as privately or publicly as you wish, as often as you wish, in as many words as you wish. If you want to share things you’ve written, you can leave them in the comments or link to your blog about the topic of the day.

I did this in 2011 and it was great fun and many participated. I did not do it last year, as I was verrry pregnant and therefore too preoccupied with my impending life change to #reverb. But this year—2013—it’s on!

It’s been an amazing year and I’m looking forward to looking back… Hope you’ll join me!

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