Reverb13 Prompts

Here’s a sneak preview of the remaining 13 of my #reverb13 prompts for this month’s writing challenge.

If you want to follow along, please do so at or on elephant journal. Wishing You a Happy December!

December 2- What was the most cherished gift you received this year? What was the best gift you gave?

December 3 – What was the low point of your year? How did you heal and move forward?

December 4 – Karma yoga is selfless service. How did you serve others in 2013? How will you serve in 2014?

December 5 – Where did you travel this year? What exotic, new and old, familiar places did you visit?

December 6 – What 13 things were you most grateful for in 2013?

December 7 – What was your favorite book? (Or pick up to five, if it’s too impossible to narrow it down to a single volume.)

December 8 – What was the most important lesson you learned about yourself in 2013? Was it a sudden epiphany or a gradual realization?

December 9 – What (and/or whom) have you let go of this year?

December 10 – What changed in your life this year? What stayed the same?

December 11 – What was your favorite celebration of the year?

December 12 – What happened unexpectedly to you in 2013?

December 13 – How did you express your creativity this year?

December 14 – What is your vision for your life in 2014? How do you see yourself achieving it?

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