Reading this won’t change your life whatsoever.

The only thing that changes our lives is making decisions and taking action.

Thoughts are thoughts.

Words can be lovely (or mean, or a million things in between).

But action—compassionate, enthusiastic, intentional, meaningful action—is the one and only key to “changing our lives.”

So when you read a sensational headline promising that a video or collection of quotes or photos or whatever will change your life, don’t buy it. It’s nothing more than clever advertising.

I know, I know. We want to believe something simple and effortless will change us for the better. I have, in the past, wished for signs from the astrological sky, longed for answers in Tarot card readings and begged for clarity and guidance from the I Ching.

Sadly, it (usually) doesn’t work that way. Life changes require action. Happiness, balance and flexibility are skills that take practice.

You know, like: “Check out this infographic on distribution of wealth in the world. Total life-changer, dude.”

Read on.

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