Liberty and yoga for all.

Every one of us has a choice, every moment. Every body has a choice in yoga.

Thanks to the numberless gurus, buddhas and divine souls since the beginning of time, and thanks to the seeds of dharma and yoga from India having been planted in American soil, we are now witnessing the cultivation of a vast variety of yogas.

Our minds often like to judge and categorize what is “real” yoga versus what is faux.

Every teacher has their own style. Every yogi has their own practice. There are as many yogas as yogis.

It’s more than asana.

It’s more than meditation.

It’s more than ethics and morals.

It’s more than we can even imagine.

Yoga is a constant practice.

Yoga is achieved when practicing constantly and consistently. Yoga is not just on the mat. Yoga is not just in a class.

It’s more than the conscious inhale and exhale.

It’s more than the balance.

It’s more than relaxation.

It’s more than flexibility.

It is even more than mindfulness!

Yoga blesses us with well being and freedom from inflexibility, weakness and chronic imbalance. Freedom from rigid beliefs about life, God and our own bodies and abilities.

Yoga is the dance of the soul, the root of the smile, the hollow center inside the space that fills the heart.

It is more than we know.

It is more than we think.

It is who we are.

It is what we do.

We must integrate Yoga into our lives—not just the physical asana or scriptural philosophy or lovely pranayama breath techniques—but the moment-to-moment awareness of constant change.

Yoga gives us the energy to practice daily, to serve others, to give love, kindness and compassion to all beings, including ourselves.

Yoga is not dogmatic or bound to a single lineage or guru.

Yoga has no physical or spiritual prerequisites, requires no fancy clothing, props or accessories.

Make a vow to practice everywhere, all the time.

Yoga is the connection to our breath, our bodies, our minds, our souls, and each other—no exceptions.

The practice of yoga sows seeds of wisdom and cultivates gratitude every morning, noon and night for this life, this breath, these teachings, this chance to be here and love and grow and let go.

Om mani padme hum.


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