You Are Your Own Teacher

As a newborn, no one taught you how to breathe, cry or sleep. As a child, you started crawling, walking, talking, and even reading when you were ready. Even before all that, you came from cells, cells that knew when and how to become you. You were guided by an inner-intelligence and an inherent desire to interact with the world around you.

Who taught you how to take your first breath? Where and how do you believe you got that intelligence? What are other actions you have learned without being told what or how? What did you learn about yourself in the process of learning to _______________?

Learning benefited you directly because you were directing your learning. You learned what you wanted to learn when you wanted to learn it because you understood why you were learning it.

When people (teachers, parents, siblings, peers or others) interfere with this simple process to try to teach you something, they are actually indirectly teaching you that you are separate from the learning process, separating you from who you are and who you are designed to become.

What is something you want to learn and why?

This is an excerpt from Lesson 1 of I am Intelligence
Photo take by Jeremy Fernsler

2 thoughts on “You Are Your Own Teacher

  1. I used this with my grade 6 language arts class today. Read it to them during mindfulness meditation, then we discussed and shared things we want to learn and why.

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