Robert Muller Wisdom

All quotes by Robert Muller, peacemaker & creator of the World Core curriculum


I consider every moment of my life precious, divine and wonderful.


When it comes to peace, justice, love, honesty and all that is good for the human race on this god-given planet, never give up, never give up, never give up.


The greatest achievement in life is to live in constant communion with God, the Father in Heaven. Then one becomes like Christ, a cosmic being, a son, a daughter, an earthly incarnation of God. Then everything is clear and falls into place.


What is really expected of us is to become total, cosmic, divine, very special beings of the universe.


How beautiful it is to be alive and able to say: I am a citizen of this planet, I am a divine, miraculous being of the universe.


To students of political science: forget completely about any textbooks ever written, any systems ever devised, any ideologies ever constructed, for none of their authors knew the entirely new, planetary, global and scientific conditions of today. You will have to write the new textbooks, devise the new systems and construct the new ideology needed for our time. Old ideas will only confuse and blind you.


May you live with light, love, goodness and beauty every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year of your life.

I wish happiness to all those I love
I wish happiness to all humans
I wish happiness to this divine planet
I wish happiness to God and to the universe

What an extraordinary universe we live in!


Human history so far has been the history of a primitive race. Only now, with planet-wide knowledge and consciousness, have we entered the real challenge to our species: the good management of our Earth, the global age, the planetary age, the achievement of paradise Earth. The real history of the world is only beginning now!


Our global history started in the 1970’s with the UN’s first world conferences on outer space, population, the environment, water, energy, habitat, the deserts, the seas and oceans, the children, youth, women, the aging, the handicapped, etc. All this work will have very long-term effects.


Each human person should practice four optimisms:

optimism of thought (intelligence)
optimism of heart (love)
optimism of action (activism)
optimism of soul (spirituality)

As a result, all our vital forces will be mobilized and a successful life will ensue. Since we live, why not try to live fully in every respect, to the highest, fullest ideals?


Never be negative in intention
Never be negative in thoughts
Never be negative in ideas
Never be negative in words
Never be negative in action


Do not destroy or diminish anyone or anything.
My life is divine. Period.
My life is a miracle. Period.
My life is incredible. Period.


I have tried to give a rational view of what life can be on this wonderful planet. I have given also my subjective view, my own life as an example. And I have tried to chant and proclaim it all as beautifully and as loudly as I can.

Know yourself
Feel yourself
Love yourself
Respect yourself
Take good care of yourself
You are your most precious possession on Earth.

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