Learning to Express, Expressing to Learn

We have moved from a foundation for growth to an exploration of movement. Movement is a way of learning, knowing and relating. Movement is yoga, dance, hiking, breathing and all physical activity. Movement is more than physical. A movement is social change that starts with a personal revolution.

This month we are moving into expression, expressing personal power and purpose creatively, expressing each of our unique voices as part of a shared vision, expressing what we learn and who we are. Ultimately, we are expressions. Express yourself!

“Our intelligence expresses our relationship to the experiences we have had throughout our lives.” – Anne Adams

What are the different ways you express your self? What are the different intelligences or mediums you use to express your personal and collective experiences and truth(s)? Writing – prose or poetry? Storytelling? Song? Drama? What about non-verbal forms of expression? Instruments? Painting? Drawing? Photography? Movement? Others?



April 2015

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