Too Cool for School

My career as a school teacher lasted a decade, as it turned out. I started as a sub in California, spent three years at a public, “Title I” (e.g. underprivileged) school in south Austin, three years at an elite, private school in Guatemala City and almost three years at a small, community school in rural Guatemala.

I did a good job, and I loved my career. I had, once upon a time, thought that I would teach forever, and perhaps I will, but clearly not in the context of a traditional school.

What has been seen cannot be unseen, and I have seen how the school system doesn’t work for a majority of students or for teachers.

Now, school is through with me.

And I am through with school.

I’m through with the classroom. I’m through with traditional curriculum and pedagogy. I’m through with testing and grading, competing and categorizing, patronizing and criticizing.

I’m through with behavior management and being an employee.

I’m through with rules.

I’m into freedom.

I’m into projects. I’m into passions. I’m into going with the flow.

I’m into learning what I want to learn, when and how I want to learn it.

I’m into mentoring. I’m into facilitation. I’m into integration, cooperation, collaboration.

I’m into learners. I’m into learning.

I’m into the present moment.


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