Monkey Be. Monkey Do.

Meet Kale.



Kale is a coordinated and charismatic five year old who loves to play anything and everything. Whether he is building with Legos or practicing sports, he is engaged and at ease. He also enjoys playing with magic and showcasing his super powers.



He is also my five year old nephew who reminds me that playing is more than something that we do.



Monkey Be. Monkey Do.
an interactive storybook for playful monkeys

Monkey Be. Monkey Do. is a children’s story
(with questions to explore and spaces to sketch)
about a monkey who forgets how to play. 

When a playful and talented monkey loses himself in winning and finds himself alone at the top, a wise owl tries to guide him back to the heart of play. But when questions aren’t enough to make the monkey feel better, a dangerous fall proves to be just what the monkey needs.

Monkey Be. Monkey Do. explores the dichotomous relationship between competition and cooperation; extrinsic and intrinsic motivation; mind and body; head and heart; work and play; and doing and being.

Monkey Be. Monkey Do. is available for download (printable PDF) in the EnlightenEd bookstore ($2.00) and is available through CreateSpace ($9.99 USD plus shipping).

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