I Have Only One Burning Desire

#reverb15 Day 4 of 21

December 4 – Start all your sentences with “I really want…”

“Desire is not the trap, but the fuel for action. it is the object of our desires that often gets confused. When we understand the deeper needs behind our desires, we are more able to satisfy ourselves at the core level.”

~ Anothea Judith

What do you really, really want?

Be bold; write it down.

My examples:

I really want to dive into the salty ocean waves.
I really want to let go of my plans and need for control.
I really want to heal.
I really want to drink green juice and coconut water.
I really want to write 13 books.
I really want to lie in the hammock and read an excellent novel.
I really want to align my chakras.
I really want to do a cartwheel in the grass.
I really want to sing and dance when I am alone.
I really want to hug you.


“The feeling of desire is the soul’s longing to move forward.” ~ Anothea Judith, Eastern Body Western Mind

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