Why Our Lives Are Not a Journey


This video is a gift. The imagery may be a little over the top but the words and adorable British accent and candid tone of Zen teacher Alan Watts are well worth 4 and a half minutes of your day.

Our cultural conditioning has us in a rat race. Achieve, achieve, achieve! Win! Don’t be a loser! “Man up!”

The good news is that we can choose to step off the giant hamster wheel at any time.

We can choose to slow down, to quit overscheduling ourselves and our children, to quit working for the weekend. We can choose to sit and drink a cup of tea and do nothing else. We can choose to silence our devices and let our minds’ endless chatter settle down for a change.

We can choose to leave a soul-sucking school, relationship or job in favor of pursuing our passions.

It’s neither easy nor automatic, but making the choice, taking the vow, to move toward a slower-paced, more meaningful, heartful and mindful life can start to affect us today, right now in the most amazing of ways.

Your life is not a journey, and it is a journey. The path is the goal. There is no there there. It’s right here and now, and nowhere else and at no other time than this.

So quit scrolling, quit searching, quit seeking, quit criticizing, quit worrying.

Simply sit, stand, walk, listen, look… and soon you’ll see.

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