Om, Sweet Home

Long journey home
Sunday: cross-Canada (British Columbia) road trip with three adults, a three year old and a three month old. Life in the slow lane. A&W root beer and french fries, snow-topped mountains, eagles perched in the trees by the highway. Chilliwack, Port Moody, early to bed…
Monday: early to rise; a good friend will taxi you to the airport at 4:30 in the morning. Vancouver in the dark, slick black streets. Eternal layover in Houston. Back in Texas with a heap of meat, cheese and bread for lunch. Almost lost our passports. Found them by the massage chairs, thank god! Frozen yogurt. Conveyor belts. Wandering through the terminal. Only four hours until boarding begins. IAH Delirium sets in after six hours.
Tuesday: waking up at G-22. Grateful for Alfredo. Special shuttle service courtesy of Nyame and sidekick el Negro sitting shotgun. Stopped at Cemaco. Department store overwhelm. Christmas trees spinning over head.
Now: Back in the casita. Getting settled. Hazy days. Head cold, intense cough. Soul coughing. Working remotely or remotely working? Strawberry chocolate swirl. Cho-co-la-te. Hot tea. Single mom for another month, give or take. Accidentally killed my first scorpion the other day. I am Wonder Woman. Was totally well the whole trip and now–mocos, phlegm, exhaustion. This too shall pass. Inspiration, desolation, isolation, elation.
Good to be back in the land of Mayan smiles, tortillas, aguacates! that don’t cost $2.00 cada uno. Jocotes in season. Naps. Playing with Jade. Unpacking. Organizing. Sitting. Walking. Standing still. Back to the view, the lake, the volcanoes. Did I ever leave? Two months, almost. Time she dances. Breathe. Be. AUMmmm..

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