We’re With Her.


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Obviously, Hillary Clinton will win. She must win. She is not perfect, but she is not the devil. There are no words, no images, foul enough to describe Donald Trump.

These sage words, excerpted from a July 2016 blog post by Natavi Orion, appeared in my Facebook feed several days ago, and resonated deeply with me. May they be of benefit.

It is now time for us to zoom out and see the larger picture.

What is coming to pass on this planet beneath the surface is the tipping of the scales and the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies which have been severely out of balance for millennia. 

What is coming to pass is that a woman is going to step into the apex of power of this civilization.

And in the symbolic, archetypal dimension

this step is an unbelievably transformative, powerful, and revolutionary moment. 

This is a medicinal moment for humanity.

In light of what is currently occurring in Standing Rock, North Dakota, this makes this moment all the more powerfully medicinal, if we choose to let it be so.

This statement is not an ignoring of Hillary Clinton’s sins or ignorances or dangerous choices or allegiances

nor is it a free pass for her to lead without continued immense pressure from those of us she leads to make choices that honor life, peace, people, and planet

but even with all of her shadows out in the light

Hillary Clinton is holding within her body right now an apex of the return of the Feminine

a center point of the tipping of the scales back into balance on planet Earth.

We have been praying for this moment

for Her return

the return of Woman to her rightful place in the leadership council of our people.

We have been seeing this prayer being answered in all realms of our society as women have stepped into more and more roles of power

as women leaders in something like 22 nations have stepped into the helm

as countless mothers, sisters, and grandmothers have heeded the call from the Earth and stood up.

Many of us have raised a prayer and called for a grandmother to come and rebalance the scales here, too.

Well my family, she has arrived.

Love her or hate her, a grandmother has arrived and is actually positioned to lead this nation.

Praise the grandmothers! Praise Hillary Clinton! She may not be divine, but she is feminine. She is intelligent, experienced and driven. She is manifest.

Keep reading.

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