7 Directions, a stream of consciousness meditation

agriculture cloudiness clouds cloudy
Photo by Ghost Presenter on Pexels.com

I don’t know what day it is, what time it is, who I am, where I am going, why I am here

I have no vision, no mission, no direction home

I am just not sure and probably never will be but rather just go on continuing to occasionally think that I feel the solid ground under my feet and stand on it, soles on the Earth yet knowing realizing remembering that Mama Earth can shake and quake and break all the more because we are baking her with our carbon dioxide gases contamination station melting glaciers that ought not be melted

I don’t know what we are doing to our planet, to each other in society, in community, ruining our home and doing so much that is counter to love if not outright hate at its worst.

Skin color body size shape of hips, thighs, belly aches—the all important physical realm

Detox from the media the incessant internet nebulous news feed—turn it off, disconnect, shut down

Clear your mind and stop and look around for goodnesssake gaze at the trees, sky, lake, ocean, river, mountain and field and feel. Feel what you feel in this moment, whatever thought idea memory plan worry story hope fear and just let it be. Let it arise and pass away. Just as all relationships arise and pass away. Just as we all arise and pass away. Transform.

The point is to keep writing, keep going, don’t give up, cause the only way out is through. Whatever arises, let it arise and keep an open heart. Pay attention. Put forth effort, skillfully. Hear the sounds outside and listen to the voices within. Come back to the present over and over. Recall the gift of gratitude, the fountain of happiness within, just for the simplicity of being and breathing and looking out the window of your soul.

There is energy all around you, pulsating out and inward in the four directions. Inhale. Go up high into the sky, into the universe. Exhale. Come back down to Earth, into the core of the Earth. Right here. Right now. Open your broken heart. Abide in love.

Some much comes and goes. So little remains the same. Flow with the current of change.

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