Life, Memories & Transformation

I used to live in the city. Now, I live in the woods.

I used to drive a car; now I walk.

I used to work in offices and institutions; now I work barefoot.

I used to worry; now I meditate.

I used to work too much. Now my work is my play.

I used to do yoga; now I live my yoga.

I used to speak English; now I speak Spanglish.

I used to have a fierce Chihuahua named Lucy. Now I have a different dog, a daughter, three cats, and a husband.

I used to be pink, and now I am green.

I used to be a square, but now I am a circle.

I used to work full time. Now I freelance.

I used to be a tourist, and now I am a traveler of both time and space.

I used to be a seed, but now I am a flower.

I used to be Friday night; now I am Sunday morning.

I used to be summer; now I am spring.

I used to be yang; now I am yin.

I used to be drama; now I live my dharma.

I used to be a believer; now I am a creative.

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