First Light

We come from the light and dissolve back into the light.

How did I get here? I almost can’t remember. It feels so natural to wake up with or sometimes before the sun. To hear the birds and insects all day and night, the constant symphony of nature. Life in the forest is good, and there is wi-fi too and I am connected and earning money for stringing words and sentences together for clients and projects, living the freelance dream.

I am rooted, grounded, balanced and content here. I hear the blaring bad news from the North and South, and sometimes I tune into it and feel the immense pain and suffering from the oppressed, disempowered, beat down masses. I continue to study the ways of the East and shed the ways of the West, little by little. Ever becoming more galactic, less capitalist. More heart-centered, more minimalist instead of a collector.

Yet we will uproot ourselves though, soon, and take to the road. Visiting the very places from which the bad news emerges. Our hometowns. With many stops in between. Of course, there is bad news here in Central America. No shortage of it. Everywhere, corruption, crime, poverty, murder, massacre, unfairness, outrage. No place is immune.

Nevertheless. We will continue to travel along the path of beauty, exporting love and kindness in all directions for the highest good of all sentient beings.

Thank you, sunrise. Thank you, sunset. Thank you, everything in between. Thank you, friends. Thank you, family. Thank you, everyone.

Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May my thoughts, words and actions contribute to this happiness and freedom for all.

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