Eternal Spring Cleaning

selective focus photography of white magnolia flowers
Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on

There’s this sense
I have arrived
Silly, since there’s actually no destination
Silly, since arrival would be stagnation
I am in a place that prior only existed in my mind, in daydreams and visions
Utopia, no, simply birdsong and water, mountains and sky all around
A heart-centered home of trees and green and cats and smiles
And sometimes tears and storms
And sometimes laughter and rest
Stillness in movement, silence in cacophony

This week, this day, is the full moon and the spring equinox
Libra, balance, justice, love, rebirth, flowering, flourishing
This month, Mercury is retrograde and I have slowed down yet further
Choosing quiet, less movement, reflection, meditation

The grass isn’t always greener
But the world is a big place
Mexico calls, and Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, Borneo, Japan, Hawaii
I feel drawn to go back to California, Canada, New York, Texas
Yet tired and lazy and happy and want to stay here in this crazy beautiful corrupt paradise which has become my comfort zone

In the end, it’s not about geography
Nor checking off a list of countries and sites seen
Nor swaying to society’s whims
Nor accumulating stuff and lands
It’s quite elementary, really
Just be here, wherever you are, now
Fully arriving in this present moment
And this one
Again and again

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