Each moment brings its own medicine.

“Remember you are all people and all people are you.
Remember you are this universe and this universe is you.
Remember all is in motion, is growing, is you.” 
– Joy Harjo, “Remember”

Where is my center of knowing? Heart, first, definitely. In the gut, too. Third eye mind stream. Where’s yours? I’m getting more deeply in touch with my intuition, inner knowing, inner vision. Envisioning is evolving, becoming more clear as I do.

I am solid and grounded and rooted here like a mountain. It feels like I’ve never been anywhere else, never lived in any other way. Yet I have lived quite a few lives already in these nearly forty years. I feel like a cat!

I’m in the bardo between caterpillar and butterfly, between safe cocoon and emergence into the brightness, between black cat zen master and little girl child who tells me she doesn’t want to die or grow with tears in her voice, between earth and sky, between surface skimming and unknown depths, between dark moon and full moon.

I was disconnected from the earth in my early adulthood. My life was suburban; I worked in an office. I am grateful now to be so much more connected to the medicine of nature, of Earth. This is the true medicine.
Following the rhythm of the heart. This is the true yoga.
All paths lead to one. Every being and every thing is connected.

The medicine is the seven directions: east, west, north, south, above, below, heart center. The medicine is yellow, red, white, black and all the infinite colors of the spectrum.

How to rediscover ease? Self-care. Rest. Kindness. Love. Compassion. Gardens. Forests. Water. Massage. Energy work. All of it. If there is no other, all love is self-love. The universe runs on the power of love.

The heart is the center of human experience, human being. Living from the heart, feeling into the heart, acting and moving with love, with more love. Being human is a precious gift. What am I doing with this blessing? What am I doing to serve? What will I write down? What will I leave behind?

peppermint tea on teacup
Photo by Mareefe on Pexels.com


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