The Never-Ending Practice

“Freedom is a lifetime practice, a choice we get to make again and again each day. Ultimately, freedom requires hope, which I define in two ways: the awareness that suffering, however terrible, is temporary; and the curiosity to discover what happens next. Hope allows us to live in the present instead of the past, and…… Continue reading The Never-Ending Practice

The Iq Trecena: 13 Days of Change, Inspiration & Communication

“Be good, do good.” ~ Swami Sivananda My dream is happening. Leading retreat. Sharing sacred space and ceremony. Sharing love, gratitude, presence, patience, peace. A meaningful life. I’m immersed in the dream I had as a young adult. Teaching, writing, living free, living how I want to live. My dream is immersion. In Spanish, in…… Continue reading The Iq Trecena: 13 Days of Change, Inspiration & Communication