Feliz Solsticio

The shortest day of the year, hence the longest nightWitches celebrate the new year already, nowI’m a good witchI sat in on a 30-minute Zoom meditation at noon to commemorate the Grand ConjunctionPlanets aligning, squaring, This is the dawning of the age of AquariusAnd just another dayThe neighbor’s free range chickens pecking at our compost…… Continue reading Feliz Solsticio

How to Be at Home

“Pondering issues, triggers, and inner logistics”Advice to self, love to self, self as other”You have time and not much else to do”But is that true?I do have time but also lots to do: sentences to edit; articles to write; books to read; daughter to raise up; friends and family to quietly love”Watch all the credits;…… Continue reading How to Be at Home