5 Gifts Life in Rural Guatemala Has Given Me

Read the full post on Elephant Journal My daily life in rural Guatemala is grounded in wonder, balance, awareness, gratitude, and nature. Verdant visual delights surround me here at one of the most gorgeous lakes on the planet.  I’ve lived on Lake Atitlan in the western highlands of Guatemala for nearly a decade; it’s the place I feel most at home.…… Continue reading 5 Gifts Life in Rural Guatemala Has Given Me

Daydream Catchers

It’s the last day of June. We’re halfway through the 2021 calendar year. Here, the sky has turned cloudy after a glorious blue morning and the wind is rustling the leaves. A black dog and a black cat laze on the patio, two feet away from one another. I am looking back and looking forward,…… Continue reading Daydream Catchers