Flow & Flower—A Yoga Chakra Guide

Want to learn more about your chakra energy centers? Ideal for both yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels, Flow & Flower is a 30-page guide features intriguing information on each of the seven main chakra at five points along the spine, as well as the third eye and crown of the head. The ebook features: a…… Continue reading Flow & Flower—A Yoga Chakra Guide

Trash Versus Treasure

Guatemala’s abundant natural beauty is tragically blemished by the ubiquitous litter strewn across its hills, volcanoes, forests, beaches and lakes. Trash management is a national problem here. In the capital city, there is no large-scale recycling program other than workers who comb through the immense city landfill, sorting recyclables from the tons of trash created…… Continue reading Trash Versus Treasure