Words and Sentences and What to Say

In 2020, I became an editor and continued to grow my freelance career in unexpected and delightful ways. I am also a writer, still, forever. This year, I’ve written over 100 blog posts for Homeschool Spanish Academy, edited over a million words for Scribbr, and done a slew of other writing, editing, translation, and (yes,…… Continue reading Words and Sentences and What to Say

4 Intention Cards for 2020

Reposted from Elephant Journal (Read full post) 1. Winter (January, February, March): The Empress Earth Mother, thank you for giving us all that you give. Balanced red root chakra, may we feel safe and secure. May we be fully who we are. May we learn to hold onto things less tightly. To have more patience…… Continue reading 4 Intention Cards for 2020