Still Crazy After All These Years

How to Survive a Nervous Breakdown How many nervous breakdowns end in suicide? How many of us humans have been (and will be) diagnosed, labeled, committed, hospitalized, drugged, tranquilized, “treated” and altogether subdued and oppressed? How many of us are called mentally ill, unstable, crazy, insane, weird or worse? The critical voices of our parents,…… Continue reading Still Crazy After All These Years

The manic episode: Part I

Manic depression is searchin’ my soul I know what I want but I just don’t know how to go about gettin’ it Feeling sweet feelings drops from my fingers Manic depression is capturin’ my soul ~ Jimi Hendrix Six years ago, I had a nervous breakdown. The incident, which culminated on April 16, 2005, was…… Continue reading The manic episode: Part I