The Yoga of Yawning

By Michelle Fajkus & Charles MacInerney {Read the full, original post on Elephant Journal} Only we humans, conditioned to be polite, suppress our urge to yawn. Our suppression of a natural, healthy, physical urge is actually detrimental to our health. Yawning is an ancient and vitally important reflex. Human fetuses begin to yawn and pandiculate (stretching…… Continue reading The Yoga of Yawning

Gratitude begins with the in-breath.

It’s November! The month of gratitude, the month of Thanksgiving. As the bustling holiday season approaches, it’s an ideal time to remember to breathe deeply. To sit still occasionally and embody the present moment, releasing what’s happened in the distant or recent past, letting go of what could happen in the immediate or distant future.…… Continue reading Gratitude begins with the in-breath.