Vaxxination Station

Are you vaxxed? (And when did spelling vaccine with two Xs become the accepted norm?) The question of to vaccinate or not to vaccinate oneself against covid-19 is THE hot button topic of the nanosecond. Full disclosure: I got vaxxed in mid-May in Texas; the J&J one-shot, right in the heart of the Buddha tattoo…… Continue reading Vaxxination Station

The Great Influenza of 1918

Microbes have proven themselves to be masters of evolution that expertly exploit every opportunity created by the changing lifestyles of humanity through the ages. From the hunter-gatherers to farmers, and from rural homesteads to city dwellings, throughout human history, microbes have mutated and stayed with us, in the form of bubonic plague, influenza, smallpox, typhoid,…… Continue reading The Great Influenza of 1918