4 Books I Wish Everyone on Earth Would Read

There are books that are great. There are books worth re-reading. There are books that change lives and open minds. Then, in a category all to themselves, there are books I wish everyone on Earth would read. I wrote a list of them last year. And today, I’m inspired to do so again. I’ve read…… Continue reading 4 Books I Wish Everyone on Earth Would Read

June 2014 Digest

Dearest Reader, Here are my posts this month on elephant journal. {Please read, comment and share as inspired!} Love & Namaste, Michelle 32 Years of Solitude. School of Rock: 88 Classic Songs All Kids Need to Hear. Only the Free Mind can be Creative. {Quote} 10 Daily Practices of Insane Awesomeness. How to Make Love…… Continue reading June 2014 Digest