Grandmothers Tackle Child Abuse in Guatemala

From Grandmother Power, A Global Phenomenon by Paola Gianturco (powerHouse Books, 2012) Grandmothers run the Child Abuse Hotline in Jalapa, Guatemala for Plan International. It’s grandmothers who have the time to listen, the compassion to offer comfort and the wisdom to make appropriate referrals to hospitals, police or social workers. A local social worker says, “Children, parents, grandmothers and…… Continue reading Grandmothers Tackle Child Abuse in Guatemala

You and the Girl Effect

What is the girl effect? The effect of empowering an adolescent girl (12-13 years old) in the developing world to go to school, learn and develop instead of having sex, having babies and perpetuating the cycle of poverty… Each educated girl has a ripple effect on the community by inspiring other girls and boys and…… Continue reading You and the Girl Effect