The #1 Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making in Yoga.

And by “yoga,” I mean life. I know, because I did it for years in my own yoga practice, without even realizing I was doing it. Then I realized I was doing it and I still did it for years, but less and less so over time. I still make this mistake, sometimes: Beating myself up…… Continue reading The #1 Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making in Yoga.

11 Common Misconceptions About Yoga.

11 Common Misconceptions About Yoga.As with any popular movement, there are plenty of stereotypes around what yoga means and generalizations about what “yoga people” are like.The truth is, the modern-day international yoga community is so huge and its practices, teachings and techniques so diverse that it is difficult to define what yoga actually is anymore.It may be… Continue reading 11 Common Misconceptions About Yoga.