1 Imox: A New Cycle Spirals Upward

1 Imox. A new dream conceived; a new vision being born into reality. What wants to be created through you? What is asking for form and energy? A life well-lived is full of nature, presence, laughter, tears, creativity, connection, gratitude, loving kindness, compassion and (most of all) practice. Serving and benefitting others. Realizing self and…… Continue reading 1 Imox: A New Cycle Spirals Upward

Breathing in Inspiration

To inspire. To inhale. To breathe in life, presence, peace. Inspiration, in the form of creative inspiration, the itch to write, paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, sing, dance, practice meditation, CREATE, comes and goes. Wouldn’t it be too exhausting if we were constantly inspired? Constant happiness and pleasure and perfection, building a soft nest around ourselves…… Continue reading Breathing in Inspiration