4 Intention Cards for 2020

Reposted from Elephant Journal (Read full post) 1. Winter (January, February, March): The Empress Earth Mother, thank you for giving us all that you give. Balanced red root chakra, may we feel safe and secure. May we be fully who we are. May we learn to hold onto things less tightly. To have more patience…… Continue reading 4 Intention Cards for 2020

14 Tarot-Inspired Intentions for 2014.

Every new year, I draw 12 Tarot cards for the 12 coming months. This year, I also drew two additional cards for the year as a whole, and here they are. (The interpretations are selected and paraphrased from Tarot for Your Self : A Workbook for Personal Transformation (2nd Edition) by Mary K. Greer.) The Sun Enlightenment. Clarity.…… Continue reading 14 Tarot-Inspired Intentions for 2014.