I am a Levitating Monkey!

Hello and happy Friday! Today, I am grateful for the dawn, the kindness of friends, a warm mug of tea, my body and its ability to walk, stretch and breathe, my family and the smiles of strangers. I was honored to have been interviewed last month by Anjula, the editor of a fantastic website with…… Continue reading I am a Levitating Monkey!

Why I Run, Swim & Bike (Q&A with Raina Cockburn)

Q: When did you start running? biking? swimming? A: I ran cross country a bit in high school but when most people ask me this question I say that I became a runner in 2002 when I ran my first half marathon. In looking back, I suspect a teacher encouraged me to try out as…… Continue reading Why I Run, Swim & Bike (Q&A with Raina Cockburn)