Love is… 10 Quotes on Education & Love

Because we weren’t taught how to love or how to teach with love, here are ten quotes related to education and love from J. Krishnamurti’s Education & the Significance of Life: “… to understand our responsibility, there must be love in our hearts, not mere learning and knowledge.” To teach is to love. “If there is…… Continue reading Love is… 10 Quotes on Education & Love

Our Beliefs Separate Us

For a long time, in my head, I wrote and rewrote my own mental essay entitled, “This I Believe.” A little over a year ago, I wrote a  poem called “This I Believed”: I used to believe in heaven above and hell below. Fate and flawless soul mates. Manifesting my destination. Jesus Christ. I’ve believed in Brahman and…… Continue reading Our Beliefs Separate Us