Living Eco-Logically: What It Means to Be Green

{Read the full post on elephant journal.} Being green is more than merely checking off a list of sustainable to-dos: canvas grocery bags (check), recycle and compost (check), conserve water and electricity (check). Green is the color of the heart chakra—it is soothing, calming, the color of love, generosity, kindness and friendship. Green is the…… Continue reading Living Eco-Logically: What It Means to Be Green

What Yoga Isn’t.

Originally published on elephant journal. “Yoga is the mere or sheer participation in the wonder of Life as it is already perfectly given.” ~ Mark Whitwell, Yoga of Heart The word “yoga” has become popular, mainstream and confused. The question for today is: are we practicing actual yoga? Or are we making our yoga yet…… Continue reading What Yoga Isn’t.