Blending Mayan Cosmovision + Yogic Practices

“The Mayan people do not live in a certain place or country. Being Mayan is in one’s heart, it is in a dimension.” – Tata Thomas Walter Mendoza, Mayan Ajqij and Spiritual Guide The Mayan Cosmovision is a worldview in which our interdependence with all of nature is explained through the wisdom of the Mayan…… Continue reading Blending Mayan Cosmovision + Yogic Practices

Cheerful Mayan New Year!

(Well, almost.) The new year in the Mayan sacred day count calendar is on Saturday (February 19). Right now, we’re in the middle of the Wayeb, the last five-day period of the old year and a time to mentally prepare for the new year. It’s a time for retreat, reflection and introspection. We’re in the…… Continue reading Cheerful Mayan New Year!