The Ix Trecena: 13 Days of Earth Magic

Feel the energy from the sky coming down into your heart on the exhale.Feel the energy of the earth coming up into your heart with each inhale.Feel where your body connects to the ground, to Mother Earth.Notice sensations in the physical body. Listen to the sounds all around: your breath, the breeze, the birds, the…… Continue reading The Ix Trecena: 13 Days of Earth Magic

Breathing in Inspiration

To inspire. To inhale. To breathe in life, presence, peace. Inspiration, in the form of creative inspiration, the itch to write, paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, sing, dance, practice meditation, CREATE, comes and goes. Wouldn’t it be too exhausting if we were constantly inspired? Constant happiness and pleasure and perfection, building a soft nest around ourselves…… Continue reading Breathing in Inspiration