What to do with all this outrage?

This level of outrage is unsustainable. Perhaps like you, I am feeling utterly outraged far too often these days. According to Deepak Chopra: “In any situation of maximum stress, a person’s coping skills are severely tested. Stress is maximized whenever three elements are present: repetition, unpredictability, and loss of control. Repetition is supplied by Trump’s constant…… Continue reading What to do with all this outrage?

Constructive Outrage

#reverb15 Day 8 of 21 What makes you feel outraged? Write about at least one constructive, compassionate thing you can do about it. {Read the original on elephant} I’m sure most of us are outraged at the the rise in violent crime and mass shootings in public arenas such as schools, churches, theaters, universities and…… Continue reading Constructive Outrage