Chakra Chants: Seed Syllables & Vowel Sounds

Chanting and singing are a powerful and fun way to activate the throat chakra — and to heal, align and balance all of our energy centers. See how the following sounds resonate with your 7 main chakra energy centers. Seed Syllables (All  rhyme with “mom.”) Root Chakra: LAMSacral Chakra: VAMSolar Plexus: RAMHeart: YAMThroat: HAM3rd Eye:…… Continue reading Chakra Chants: Seed Syllables & Vowel Sounds

Seeking Silence

Silence is golden. peaceful. powerful. sacred. intimate. Silence can also be awkward, dreaded, dramatic, even disturbing. Sometimes it is used to communicate anger. disbelief. disappointment. disapproval. Or to avoid saying all that needs to be said. Other times, it is issued as a punishment, a timeout. In the classroom, it might indicate learning is – or isn’t – taking…… Continue reading Seeking Silence