4 Radical Ways My Family has Gone Green

My life has changed remarkably over the past seven years. Seven years ago, I lived in Austin, Texas with electricity, indoor plumbing and central air and heating. I drove a car almost every day and ate plenty of foods from bags, cans, boxes and frozen boxes—in other words, your typical middle-class American life. Then, life…… Continue reading 4 Radical Ways My Family has Gone Green

Rustic Sustainability

A report from the woods… A disclaimer: I am (was) a Spoiled North American Woman. It never really crossed my mind until adulthood that some people (a.k.a. most of the inhabitants of the Earth) actually live without a washer/dryer. Or a dishwasher. Or a refrigerator. Those handy home appliances are standard in my country, at…… Continue reading Rustic Sustainability