The Kame Trecena

Death is transformation Is it scary, sad or abnormal? Face your fears with intention, or you’ll be forced to in more challenging ways The moon is full Mercury is retrograde Intensity turned up, to say the least The 13-day trecena of Kame began last Tuesday. Here are the energies of each day. 1 KameThe seed…… Continue reading The Kame Trecena

Crown (7th) Chakra

Awake to reality, to truth, to things just as they are. ~Lama Surya Das Crown chakra concerns: spiritual growth, wisdom, union, divine connection, insight, equanimity, awakening, enlightenment Music: What Light by Wilco You are a Tourist and Unobstructed Views by Death Cab for Cutie Shanti (Peace Out) by MC Yogi Stairway to Heaven by Led…… Continue reading Crown (7th) Chakra