The Trecena of Tijax: 13 Days of Truth & Healing

“Truth makes all things beautiful.” ~ Edward Counsel I live in the heart of the Mayan highlands in Guatemala. The more I study the Mayan Calendar, the more astonished I am by the power and precision this ancient system of incredible intricacy that offers everyday wisdom even in our ultra-modern time. The Maya view time as…… Continue reading The Trecena of Tijax: 13 Days of Truth & Healing

Tarot Insight for Spring Equinox

The choir of birds Sing gospel To me, hear now The final outcome is death. Ain’t it the truth? Ashes to ashes to dust to no longer occupying this body mind spirit heart My fear is being a hanged woman Stuck in flux, bound upside down The world of my ego wants me to seek…… Continue reading Tarot Insight for Spring Equinox