1 Imox: A New Cycle Spirals Upward

1 Imox. A new dream conceived; a new vision being born into reality. What wants to be created through you? What is asking for form and energy? A life well-lived is full of nature, presence, laughter, tears, creativity, connection, gratitude, loving kindness, compassion and (most of all) practice. Serving and benefitting others. Realizing self and…… Continue reading 1 Imox: A New Cycle Spirals Upward

8 Intention Cards for 2022

โ€œYou can only lose what you cling to.โ€ ~Buddha As 2021 chugs to completion, the time is ripe for reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the coming one. Personally, it has been a year of processing and healing. I was fortunate to travel to Texas, California and Oregon in May and June…… Continue reading 8 Intention Cards for 2022