The temple bell always rings at the right time.

I beg to urge you everyone:Life and Death are a Great MatterAwaken, awaken, awakenTime passes quicklyDo not waste this precious life. ~Zen Buddhist proverb I flow with my breath.I flow with the unfolding of each moment.I flow like water.Agua vital, purificame My passions include: yoga, love, family, cooking, eating, friends, breathing, temazcal, miracles, chocolate, lakes,…… Continue reading The temple bell always rings at the right time.

December 28 – Agradecimiento (Gratitude)

What eleven things were you most grateful for in 2011? a 1. great friendships 2. my wonderful family 3. a good job in a career that I love (teaching!) 4. the opportunity to teach lots of yoga schmoga 5. the freedom and ability to travel widely 6. Yoga as Muse 7. my continuing studies powerful Dharma…… Continue reading December 28 – Agradecimiento (Gratitude)